Friday, November 23, 2012

1,000th post!

for. reals.
this pictures are completely unrelated except that they are awesome 
(especially because they are not staged!) 
the other morning these two munchkins apparently decided it was glamour breakfast because i walked in on them eating breakfast with sunglasses on.
we like to be fancy around here.

but more importantly?
this is my 1,000th post on this blog.
in the haze of newly deaf two month old baby 
way back in june 2008
here are the posts i added on slightly retroactively to the month before, 
from emails i sent out about m's hearing loss diagnosis when she was about a month old.

1,000 posts later

that little baby looks a whole lot tinier than this four year old channeling a movie star!
i like-ahem, love-presents,
so how about an impromptu giveaway?
the present will be a little box full of surprises to show up in your mailbox.
just leave a comment in the comment section with either your favorite specific blog entry (it can't be this one you lazypants!) OR your favorite type of post on here (recipe, kid-centric, mish-mash, tear inducing etc) OR a post you propose i should write. 
i'll pick a winner next week!

(and thank you for putting up with me for so long!)

***UPDATE Winners have been chosen! Go here to see if you won!***


  1. Glad you made it to 1,000!

    1. Keep trying to comment and it knocks me favorite posts are EVERY SINGLE ONE...but most recently, the NYC ones shaped my trip last week. I also used the advent posts to help planning. Love you, so thrilled for you, congrats!!!

    2. Keep trying to comment and it knocks me favorite posts are EVERY SINGLE ONE...but most recently, the NYC ones shaped my trip last week. I also used the advent posts to help planning. Love you, so thrilled for you, congrats!!!

  2. Truth be told, I just like reading your blog but since you are holding a gun to my head, I will tell you that my faves are: stu-stu-studio posts. Nice work on a grand!

  3. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! My favorite posts by far are the ones about you and Matt/your marriage/how cool Matt is. :) I love the posts you write on his birthday and your anniversary the best because I think so many people in the world don't honor and celebrate their spouses, especially the longer they are married.

    I love what a great example of a partnership you guys are to everyone you know, including your girls. Your last post about getting away for the weekend for your anniversary inspired me to book us a little getaway for our own anniversary in January- oh, what's that you say? What date is our anniversary? Oh, why it's January 14.....oh really? That's the same day as your birthday?!?! You're kidding!

    (Winner!!! Me!!!!)

  4. Well, any post with pictures, because I love them. Doesn't matter the subject.

    But my favorite posts are any about you going to see U2, especially the road trip one with your brothers. Or your explanation of the rules of waiting in line to get up next to the stage. You are more dedicated than I, Siouxzie Cockroach.

  5. I like the titles of the blog posts. They are clever and I like to guess what the blog will be about.

    And, the posts that are about me are my favorite. ha ha ha.

  6. Of course I love the kid posts, pics and updates... such cuties!
    I think my favorite post you've ever done though was the one where you described your brother's accident: what happened, and the aftermath for your family. Very powerful. I also really enjoyed seeing the pics when you guys helped fix up your mom's house (to sell it?? am I remembering correctly?). I loved the pics of that house!

  7. Hmm...what I enjoy most is getting a peek into your world - what you're thinking about and feeling about on any given day. If I had to choose one, I think I'd choose the post about the advent envelopes you did with your family. And, more recently, the calendar one. You are so creative with the girls and it's really inspiring to me.

  8. My favorite posts are the ones that reflect on the hardness of your life - your dad, dealing with M's deafness. You have such a talent for expressing yourself in situations, where words generally fail the rest of us. You encourage me in your honesty and your willingness to go back a year or two later and reflect on good that came from it.

  9. I like reading everything you write, but my two favorites are whenever Matt cooks something awesome (cause I want to eat it so bad) and the ones where you are super honest about what's happening in your life (usually that has to do with the hard stuff). Food + honesty.

  10. I love reading about all your fun adventures! You guys are so inspiring to get out and do fun things!

  11. this is (one of) my favorite post(s)

    not only because 'someone' gets bonus points for breaking into your blog but also because it had the most comments! which as any blogger knows, is the best result of a post.

  12. the tear-inducing ones of course!

  13. my favorites are the ones where you tell your story. So much of your world is in the people you love and you have a way in some of your posts of sharing the way you see those people with all of us so we get to be a part of that and it's very very special. also, squishy face pictures of your girls. xoxoxoxo

  14. Choose my favorite? Out of ONE THOUSAND? One of them is the greatness found here:

    My favorite types of posts are definitely the tear-inducing ones because you put into words (beautifully crafted words, no less) what so many of us have felt on this journey.

    Love you and miss you!!

  15. Susannah!
    So I have been reading your blog, thanks to your mom, for about 6 months. It brings me back to our time spent in her classroom with you helping me with history and college applications. You were such an inspiration to me! I still have the notebook that we worked in.
    I absolutely love reading your blog. You inspire me to be a better friend, wife, and daughter. I have to say that my favorite posts are the ones when you are unsure of yourself. To be venerable is a gift. Most people hide that part of them away, but you share it with us. It makes me see that I don't have to be perfect; I just have to be me. Thank you for that! =)
    ~Christine (Hill) Whitney

  16. Happy 1000! Lady, you're a prolific blogger! I can't pick a fave, because I love them all, but I dug around for this memory and it made my smile:
    Remember when we met at Play and Say at JW? And somehow we got on the topic of blogging and that we each had a blog? I remember when I read your blog that I felt like I had made a new friend - I loved (and still do to this day) that you blog about all of life - adventures, hard days, good days, yummy food, hearing loss, lip gloss... xoxo

  17. Thinking of a favorite is not an easy task! A recent (read: not going back 4 years) favorite was this one:
    I do love to read all the different types of posts because it helps me to feel like we are connected in spite of time and distance.

  18. What immediately comes to mind is the post with pics of Monrovia eating strawberries, all lined up with their tips bitten off. So sweet.

    You are also brilliant with your words and I really love the gratitude post you just did. So simple and so lovely, heartfelt and deep.

    But all time fave is the summer fruit + toddler.

  19. I enjoy all your posts. In fact-I blurk often and feel like I know you. I'm friends with Hannah (so I loved your post about how amazingly wonderful she is) and I think its crazy that I went to high school with your friend Amy. Thanks for letting me blurk and inspiring me in many ways-I love that you share it all!

  20. I LOVE so many of your blog posts, but this one is the most memorable for me as it was the first one that I ever read. It was shown to me the night I met Mr. Wonderful (aka your brother, Aaron) by Kim, who claimed that she wasn't setting us up...BUT why else would she invite me to dinner and then show me the cutest little girl in the world, who could become my niece if I would just marry her Uncle. (Said uncle claims that he had nothing to do with this strategy...but he did bring me to meet her in person on our 2nd date...very suspicious if you ask me!!!)

    So it could be argued that this post gave you a new sister-in-law...I'd say that's a pretty influential post!

  21. A post a day in November! You're doing it, Sooz! xxoo

  22. it is hard to pick a favorite...i love your candor and charm. thanks for keeping it real for 1000+ posts.

  23. How about a best of for the Best of post? And what do you like more than birthdays?


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