Monday, November 12, 2012


saturday we celebrated my niece's third birthday at a party up the street at my mom's house. 
the usual suspects were all there:
cupcakes, kids with chocolate smeared all over their faces, lots of kiddos, a pinata, fun activities, and lots of full court press parenting. 
at one point in the party, my mom said, "the girls {my girls plus our niece sadie} need to go out in the front yard for a present from the green truck." maybe you remember that my brother aaron and his wife sarah have been on a roadtrip around the country since august. they drive in their green truck, and send mail from the green truck to our girls from their journey. so of course the girls knew exactly who "the green truck" is. (they are coming back at christmas.)

i had no idea
(and yes, that is me screaming in shock)
so fun to see aaron and sarah;
i don't think i realized how much i missed them until they popped out of the tarp!
i haven't been that surprised in a very long time.
so fun.
so guess who we get to hang out with today?
the green truck, before they get back on an airplane and head back to journey some more.
happy monday!


  1. surprise. i saw a & s at church and they told me all about the big tarp surprise. so fun. what a blessing.

  2. i think every party is more fun with Saaron!


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