Thursday, November 29, 2012

ten years is worth wine and apples, y'all

ah, looking through these pictures reminds me of how relaxing our tenth anniversary trip was. this post could also be called "the one in which i posted 800 pictures for your viewing pleasure." 

i'm grateful that ten years after making vows with matt that even on our worst days i can't imagine walking this journey of life with anyone else. as i'm writing this and the pictures of the rugged coast are sharing the screen, it reminds me of how there is something about how marriage is kind of like this coast. the beauty in these beaches and cliffs and trees is that they have been shaped by the seasons, and they wear the marks of time and the elements. we've certainly weathered storms we never imagined facing, as well as soaked up the goodness of perfect days, and it's all in there. this coastline is breathtaking, but because it is rugged and imperfect; hopefully the same could be said for our relationship, that there is some beauty in our imperfections.

we said goodbye to the goodness of timber cove, and began driving along the coast before cutting inland to the anderson valley. (i am so lucky to live where i do!)

goodbye ocean, hello redwoods!
 ...and then in less than a couple hours, hello wine country!
 (loved the clouds reflecting in matt's sunglasses)

 no big deal.

we were staying that night at the philo apple farm before driving home to oakland; i'd read about it years ago in sunset magazine, and one picture was emblazoned in my mind that made me determined to stay there (all i had to do first was put 6,000 different search terms online until i miraculously found the place i'd remembered!)

it was a perfect spot & i would go again in a heartbeat. we went on lots of walks, watched the canopy of bazillion stars, drove into town and shared a milkshake and fries, sat on our little red chairs on our mini porch and soaked up the peace and quiet. (oh, and the breakfast the next morning was so, so good: warm from the oven biscuits, homemade jam, homemade bread, homemade yogurt, fresh juice...simple and amazing)

afternoon walks
and morning walks

plus we bought a lot of apples to take home!

 a bit of coffee before driving home...
 oh, and a stop at preston winery.
it's our favorite place to hang out,
if you haven't noticed from all of the visitors we take there!

an absolutely perfect mini-getaway with my person.
 happy anniversary to us!

back to these darlings in all of their glory...
oh, and one more thing~
(aren't these m&m's cute? matt's parents left them as a little surprise for us!)

{hey all of you that entered the 1,000th post giveaway! i will be announcing a winner tomorrow! so check in~ i promise you'll want to}

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