Monday, November 26, 2012

monday mish-mash

guess what? i've been loving reading your comments on the 1,000th post. thank you for kind words- and also for reminding me of way in the past posts! (please check in here on thursday for the big winner announcement! and if you haven't entered yet, you have until wednesday at midnight)

it's monday morning, and so in honor of a slow beginning after a holiday week, a couple of links to get you started.

are you a mama? do you actively define beauty for your kids or do you let culture define it for them? my friend amy passed this fantastic blog post along to me about talking about your own beauty with your children. i think it is pretty powerful whether you have sons or daughters- after all, our sons learn about what they think is beauty and attractive just as much as our daughters do. i have to say that when i told matt "i've started telling our daughters i'm beautiful (even when i don't really believe it myself)" he said, "i've never heard you say that before." it feels very uncomfortable at first (at least for me), but my girls definitely respond when i say it.

have you watched this show? it's funny.

have you watched this show? it just keeps getting better and better!

do you suddenly have an inbox jam packed with emails but none of them are fun personal messages but just cyber monday related? take a few minutes and write an actual piece of mail and send it!

speaking of cyber monday, i saw this yesterday and it was pretty thought provoking (even though it is nine words)

i'm catching up on posts, so see you often this week!

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  1. my monday mish mash
    cause it's way easier to comment on your blog than write one of my own

    have you watched this show? cause it's hilarious

    and i am totally unsubscribing from group on and living social and anyone else trying to give me a daily deal that is not a deal and nothing i use. it reminds me of the 'gas sale' around the corner from our old house and lydia always shouting, '2 cents is not a sale!'

    and when did you get another friend named amy? cause i didn't send you that link...although i love it.


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