Monday, November 5, 2012

you never know...

i know i've written many times on this blog about how i never could have imagined the gifts i'd discover along the way because of having a deaf child. we've met amazing professionals in our school district, children's hospital, and school for the deaf, as well as other families just like ours: with a child unexpectedly diagnosed with hearing loss. 

saturday night was m's oral deaf school's annual benefit, where the school raises money to continue teaching children with hearing loss learn to listen and talk. 

the annual benefit is such a fun night- i get to run into people we have worked with since m was born: audiologists, speech therapists, implant surgeons, reps from her implant company, deaf teachers, teachers aides, staff from the audiology department at our hospital, and lots of other parents who have kids with hearing loss! it is so much fun to see people and catch up.

in the past we've brought family and friends with us to get a glimpse of our world at that school, and to experience some of what m's school has done to develop her speech and language.

this year we sat at our friends mike & katie's table; we all have daughters with hearing loss but who have all mainstreamed by kindergarten (or before!) we are all so grateful for the progress our girls have made, and for the lifelong friends we have made in each other. we've now journeyed together since our girls were babies! we also got to sit with one of m's favorite teachers, teacher karen, who we love, love, love!

who knew this would be one of the very special blessings of having a deaf child?
having friends who know what's way deep down in your heart because they, too, have experienced something similar themselves.

i love these women -
for how they teach me to be a better mom
for how they love my daughters
for how they champion their own children step by step
(i'll spare you the awkward prom picture the 4 of us moms took together)

here are the dads plus teacher karen's husband on the left

but nights like these always remind me that even life's darkest moments can deliver goodness and beauty. sometimes it just takes a while.


  1. superficial side note: you all look super cute in the photos.

  2. I have been reading your blog for about a year now. I live in Ventura and have a deaf son. He is 25(!), lives in Seattle and is a Software Development Engineer for Microsoft. A few months ago I realized that your mother-in-law was our psychologist at his IEP to transition into pre-school, some 22 years ago. I remember her clearly to this day-she came to our home and spent about an hour with us. I think I saw her a couple times around town after that, but not for years. When I made the connection that you were related, I emailed you, but never heard back. I hope it was because it got mixed in with your junk mail and was never read, and not because you were ignoring me (but, if you were, sorry to 're-send'.)

    I agree with you-you never know the gifts you discover along this journey, and they are many. I enjoyed parenting Matt-I know it changed me as a person and exposed me to things I would have otherwise missed out on.

    I enjoy reading your blog- your perspective and your writing style are gifts.

    Joan Starn


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