Sunday, November 4, 2012

weekend adventuring!

don't you worry, matt and i were just at a conference in so cal and then on the road, racing home for an event last night
so i haven't been able to post. 
i'll catch up, my friends, so check in often!

(also, did you see this in the comments section after my last post? i threw down a bit of a challenge and said to bring 30 comments for 30 posts...i'll try to write something worth commenting on!)

once a month, on the first sunday of the month, there is an antiques fair/flea market that happens in the city next door to us. i usually can't go since the church community we are a part of has worship on sundays at the same time. but this morning i met up with my friend joanna & we headed over to see if we could score anything good.
joanna had a definite list of furniture she wanted for their new place, but i was just looking for anything that caught my eye.

we were not-so-much earlybirds, 
(i don't think i could ever be described as an earlybird)
but we did get there by 8 am to see what treasures we could find.
 there's no way to capture how big it is- there are so many vendors. 
we were there for 4 hours and we missed TONS of areas.
 lots of really cool stuff at every booth:

 it got more and more crowded and hotter by the hour...
 after a long stretch of finding nothing, 
joanna found some great vintage stuff for her daughter.
why is it that anything in tiny size is automatically cute?
i swear put any mini piece of furniture in front of me and i wanted to buy it.

my other weaknesses besides kid-sized stuff:
chairs, benches, furniture in aqua or red, french burlapy looking stuff, mirrors, metal and old wood crates & old industrialish anything.

(do you have any weaknesses that seem to jump right into your cart?)

i love overhearing the sellers telling some of the stories of the pieces, and the fact that as inanimate objects they still have this entire history. they have been in someone else's home at another point in time, and now they are collected together to find a new place to live. kind of more romantic than ikea (of course, i have plenty of ikea stuff in my house too)! 
 some of our loot!
i ended up with a massive metal letter 's'*, this (pictured) vintage metal doll's highchair, 
the (pictured) wire pendant lamp, and a pair of antlers. (yes, you read that right)

*i had an internal debate over whether buying a big 's' for my house was egotistical, but in the end i decided to embrace it and rock my first initial with pride.

happy sunday!


  1. you and david share a design brain. we rock an 'n' around these parts and he's been dying to find antlers!

  2. is this the flea market in alameda? i really want to go sometime. maybe you, me and erin should have a friend date there some other time when you can play hookie from church =).

    1. i LOVE this idea. yes, it is and it is SO amazing- you'd love it. when matt was on paternity leave for monrovia, we went and i was literally nursing my two week old baby on the side of booths. :)

  3. Replies
    1. you wouldn't be saaron without it! we miss you guys a lot. :(


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