Wednesday, November 28, 2012


actually - most of the time - being a mom is awesome.
like when you walk in on your kid and she's obsessed with a book about johnny cash 
and poring over it like it's her job?

this is my kid last month:
i don't know; it makes me feel like i'm doing something right.

that and when she looks at me today and says, "mom, i' love being in this family. i love you so much mom."
gold star, daughter of mine!
(it almost makes up for her insanity at bedtime tonight as she and ruby had a two person dance party in their pajamas, toothbrushes in hand. objectively i am sure they were darling prancing and hopping around in giggly hysterics, but i was not feeling it as the clock ticked ever onward and i was ready to tap out of mommyland.)

also, somewhat related in the perks of being a mom category, i can't complain that my babies are super snugglers. nature or nurture, who knows, but these girls know how to win me over every time:


  1. M pouring over Johnny Cash might make THIS my favorite post. I felt the same time when Henry, at 2, would sing Ring of Fire in his crib when he woke up from his nap. I did not, however, manage to make any snugglers yet. Nature is failing me.

  2. you are doing SO many things right, you wonderful mama you. i love that you enjoy your girls so much (while also being so real about the not so enjoyable parts!). xoxo


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