Tuesday, November 27, 2012

better late than never (part 1)

you may remember that last month matt and i stole away for a couple of days to celebrate our tenth anniversary. matt loves the rugged northern california coast, so we stayed right along the water at the timber cove inn and then spent the third night at an apple farm! it was a completely peaceful, relaxing way to spend our time away from our munchkins. our time was so mellow (which is atypical for our schedule). once we got out of the car when we arrived at the inn, we didn't get back in until after we'd checked out. our two days essentially looked like this: lots of walks, reading, a massage for me (yay), naps, long meals and time around the fire pit.

our view from the fire pit (where we logged quite a bit of time):

 i loved our bright, modern room!

 and i heart sliding barn doors (see our shed, for instance)
 loved looking out the window at the water!
 and hanging out on our balcony (how crazy is that sky?)

the inn is very proud of this large totem like sculpture, so throwing it in for good measure... 
 obviously this was the spot for us:

night #2 we rocked fire pit time once again

 blurry but happy with my best friend
 loved the interior of the main lodge area!
because we stayed at the inn we also ate all of our meals there. 
i kind of had low expectations because 
a. we eat a lot of really good food
b. it was out in the middle of nowhere, so really your only dining option
c. it is an inn with a restaurant tacked on, so...
d. did i mention we eat a lot of really good food?
oh. my. goodness. the food was really, really good. i think it probably helped that my expectations were so low, but it also was just delicious and inventive food. how happy were we? very. (aside- i can't say the same for the drinks at the bar. so spoiled by husband who is such a good mixologist, but i had no problems skipping their awful mixed drinks and enjoying bubbly - one of my favorites.)
it's been a long time since matt and i got away somewhere and just hung out. it is hard to resist that feeling of "we have limited time, so we have to make the most of it!" well, at least it is for us. and for me personally, i am often trying to be as productive as possible, and so that feeling pushes in on even vacation time. i guess some of it is that i don't want to waste valuable time with matt; but as we discovered, there was something so lifegiving about just being in one spot, not doing much, and soaking up the environment around us. 

after two nights we said goodbye to the coast and headed east to the anderson valley, and our apple farm! (more on that next post...)


  1. Wow, this place looks awesome! I am bookmarking this situation for future snyder thompson getaways.

  2. love the 2 pics with both of you in them. you guys look great - so happy and relaxed!


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