Thursday, January 22, 2009

busy busy

(supercute valentine #1 by me)

(and supercute valentine #2: this one has microglitter on it, so when the one you love opens it and inadvertently gets glitter on her cheek, or on the couch, or smack dab in the middle of her nose, then she'll keep thinking of you fondly every time she sees that dang glitter and tries unsuccessfully to wipe it off aforementioned surface. the sentiment will go on and on. promise. that's love, people. love that keeps on showing up when you least expect it! )

this week, in between umpteen hearing loss related appointments, i am working on some mother's day and father's day cards for papyrus. (i always think those are the hardest holidays to make good cards for, so wish me luck!) too busy to do much else, so i'll be back to blogging in a few days. so, more from me sometime this weekend!

and let this serve as a friendly reminder to go buy one of my valentine's day cards! (or birthday, or thank you, or friend...) here are just two cute ones valentines of the ones floating out stop reading this and as my mom would say, hightail it to wherever papyrus cards are sold or at independent retailers nationwide + buy someone you like a lil' loving.

xoxo, me


  1. Sooz-

    The cards are amazing. Hoping I can find them in Santa Rosa.


  2. Love, love, LOVE these cards. Truly perfect.

    And love the perspective on that glitter that gets EVERYWHERE.

    Happy Working!

  3. Oh man! How exciting!! Is your name on the back? I mean, I see those but what about others?? I will surely buy your cards if I can find them. Paprus and Target here I come! ...well, maybe tomorrow.

  4. I already bought #1! I picked it up at Papyrus in Burlingame when we were there for a wedding this weekend. (: love to you, Kacie

  5. love them both
    i will get whichever i see first
    or maybe both so we can celebrate the love day more than once this year
    enjoy creating more great cards!

  6. i'm gonna get the one that says "to my husband" for Anna...just for fun :) HYF!

  7. You are SO talented, Sooz! I am very impressed.

  8. really great cards, sooz - I like the subtle drum set and heart illustrations -good work!

  9. off to target today. love them.


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