Thursday, January 29, 2009

a few of my favorite things

{french press coffee in the morning, made for me by matt- 
i believe it tastes better if you don't make it yourself}
{my christmas present from matt of a black hobo wallet; 
it's a clutch, it's a wallet, it makes me feel organized, it holds so much, including lip gloss 
(i LOVE it! thanks, daphne, for introducing me to its' fabulousness)}

{bare feet in january}

{this awesome hand-me-down outfit, worn by little m, from circa 1985}

{playing on the floor with little m}

{the smell of oil paint}

{these haba wood blocks that little m loves...thanks tuan, casey + jonah!}

{matt reading to little m}

{my current favorite breakfast: plain yogurt with blueberries. yum!}

{winter veggies. here are some of the vegetables from full belly's csa box. daikon, anyone?}


  1. You inspire me to take more picturs of the things that make me smile. It just might be my next blog.

  2. I miss California! (I don't miss the quakes.) But bare feet in January ... not gonna happen here in western NY. And I LOVE the smell of oil paint. And the sound of a loaded brush thumping against stretched canvas.

  3. I like these little snippets! We have some in common--the rocker and the yogurt and blueberries breakfasts! I love finding a new blog by a mom and artist... you inspire me! Patricia


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