Wednesday, January 7, 2009

smartypants potentially=me

hmm. new years resolutions? not so much for me. i mean, since my birthday is january 14th, i usually wait until then and i come up with goals for the year. usually i do one goal for every year, but it is getting more daunting as i age... today i was thinking though about all of the things i want to learn about, all the classes i'd like to take this year. 

here's my list so far:
  • sewing
  • american sign language
  • photography
  • photoshop
  • yoga (i kind of fell off the wagon with this one post little m)
  • cooking
  • silkscreening
  • letterpress printmaking
  • bookbinding
i know it's not going to happen, but hey, it's good to dream, right? any of you want to tutor me in any or all of the above?


  1. If I was around I would take ASL again with you!! I LOVED it!!

  2. That is a lovely list of dreams. I have simular lists that have grown over the years and I am surprised how slowly those dreams have unfolded, just by doing. Blessings as you pick off one thing at a time.

  3. Anytime you want help with photography or photoshop, let me know!


  4. i would love to join you ...
    * sewing- come over to use my machine and we can make something
    * american sign language- i would love to meet for coffee and only use sign! i have books and can bring them
    * cooking- i LOVE using the cookbook you made a few years ago... i need lessons from YOU!

    I love that you're always wanting to learn!!!

  5. come over! and i can teach you sewing and some photoshop. yes? yay!!


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