Tuesday, January 20, 2009


my daughter is brilliant. just look at how intently she is working on the puzzle she got for christmas. brilliant i tell you. 

and, adorable. (in case that wasn't completely evident by the above photos. i know i'm biased, but really. freaking adorableness stuffed into a 15 pound container!) 

today we had to go to a couple of appointments on the long road to her cochlear implants. it was a new office for us to go to, so little m had a whole bunch of willing converts to her school of ridiculously cuteness. i swear she charmed her way from one person to the next, smiling, flirting, waving, accepting stickers and toys and hugs from complete strangers! who knew our child would be such a social butterfly? i don't know where she gets it...


  1. no surprise she's melting hearts this winter, all over nor cal =) i look forward to hearing about how things are going with appt.'s, etc. love you guys...

  2. yeah, it is a total mystery where she gets her ridiculous cute social brilliance...

  3. ...they are precious in His sight...Truly I think God just smiles at the thought of how amazing His work is played out in your 15 pound container.


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