Monday, January 5, 2009

toys are lame

here is little m the day after christmas, having a fabulous time riding around the living room in an empty box. i've decided that toys are just a waste of money since little m's favorite toys include the following: spoons, envelopes, my cell phone, the laptop, the camera, any electrical cords, the newspaper, empty boxes, glasses full of any beverage that she isn't supposed to drink (wine, coffee, tea, anything with lots of ice), straws, my hair, knives, lit candles and fireplaces, and basically anything that either i am holding or needing, or any items that could physically harm her. so our future toy budget is zero dollars around these parts; i'll just raid the back of supermarkets for empty boxes and give her my cell phone when it gets old.

(don't worry- i don't let her play with all of this stuff- i promise...but she would if she could.)

1 comment:

  1. i have a pair of scissors for little m to play with when she's tired of chewing on your cell phone antenna


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