Wednesday, January 28, 2009

little miss fancypants

last week we took little m for another checkup at her pediatrician. there's this part of every appointment when the doctor asks, "is she rolling over? is she scaling large buildings?" and so on. well, she asked a bunch of developmental things, including questions about sounds she is making or responding to. that's always super fun. but she also asked, "is m pulling herself up to sit from the crawling position? is she pulling herself to stand?" first, i always feel like i am a negligent parent as i wrack my brain trying to remember, "is she? does she? i forgot to notice that one..." i didn't think she had done either, so we said no on both accounts: no pulling herself up to sit or stand.

imagine our surprise when later that day i watched her finagle herself from flat on the ground into sitting straight up! (shows you what an attentive mother i am.) 

we were in for surprise number two when we peeked in our little scallywag while she was "taking a nap" a couple of days later. instead we saw her holding onto her mobile for balance with one arm, while playing with one of the dangling toys with the other hand. we pulled her out of the crib and promptly lowered the mattress and removed the mobile...not that it's stopped her from repeating her new trick every time we put her down. next thing i figure she'll be hoisting herself over the side, rapelling down the crib, and sauntering into our room.


  1. I love that you are so full of surprises, Miss M! Viv and I can't wait to see your new tricks next month. Way to keep Mama and Daddy on their toes, Sweet Girl! :-)

  2. and when she does hoist her self over the side and repel down the crib...go immediately and buy "The Crib Tent." Riley started climbing out of his crib last month at the much-too-early age of 21 months and he now sleeps caged up. He actually loves it..and we do to. truly a life saver for parents lucky enough to have little monkeys who like to climb. (:


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