Tuesday, January 13, 2009

nine months!

wow. can't believe it's already been nine whole months! little m has been keeping us on our toes for almost a year now.


  1. dang she's a cute kid. well done matt and sooz!

  2. My beautiful daughter whose generosity of spirit spills over on all those who are dear to you: you have blessed so many in tangible and intangible ways. My labor and delivery was only a tiny investment in a wonderful gift of life that God has produced in you. My hope and prayer for you in 2009 is that God will rush some wonderful moments of joy and relief into your new year, and that when 2010 rolls around you will be able to say what a great year God has blessed you with. You are precious to me, even as Little M is to you - a gift beyond measure (and I won't even start on my little munchkin :-)


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