Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the absolutely no-mention-of-my children-post

i know they are delightful and all, but last night my husband requested a post about other, non offspring related aspects of life-art, friends, culture, etc.

your wish is my command, husband. (well, at least in this case)

i love to dance. i love my friend amy. i love strings of white lights. i love top-40 hip-hop/pop music. (hey-don't judge.) i love sangria. i love my friends. i remember back in my early 20's, when my friends and i would go to weddings and there would always be the freaker middle aged or older people whooping it up on the dance floor, who couldn't care less what anyone else thought of their crazy dance moves. and hello, now that is me. crank up some justin timberlake or black eyed peas and i'll boogie all night, just like your crazy uncle from the midwest who you only see at weddings.

it was my friend amy's birthday, so we had a dance party in her backyard. it was amazing. you should've been there (but only if you danced. no time for chit chat when there is dancing to do)
amy & david, our hosts in celebrating someone's birth on october 5th thirtysome years ago!
 sangria, anyone?
 (yes please)
 our dance floor in their backyard
 david is the king of finding odds & ends and refurbishing them into cuteness
i love that chair. i want it.
 me + birthday girl, aka my roommate. 
in case you were wondering, i will always think of amy as my rooommate. 
roommate in this case is in between friend and sister on the spectrum of personal history and importance-i'm not talking about some random you picked up on craigslist to fill that spot in your post-college house.
 um, i have no idea what we are doing here. or let me rephrase- i have no idea what that weird pose is that i am making. meanwhile, keith has his mid-80's brooding alternative band expression on.
 this is amy explaining, "i know this song is about shorties and pimps, but it's really good to dance to!"
 adriane brings back some old moves
 nancy gets saucy
 don't you want to invite us to your next party?
my sister rebecca gets her groove on
 amy has the longest wingspan of a human being ever
 matt & i are so fast that the camera can't quite capture our awesomeness
 (sweet moment)
 who needs more than 10 people at a dance party?
finally, as it got late, my feet were tired and it was time to head home.
loved every minute.
my new plan is to have a dance party every month.
who's in?


  1. AHHHH!! i just laughed my way thru this post. what a great way to start my morning! we are so old and yet, way fun. other fav memories from that night (besides david being offended by the music) mark loving all lady gaga songs. and matt trying to take the award for being the longest dancing male on the floor. and my neighbors karaoke-ing foreign language songs in between the breaks of fergie and beyonce.

  2. i need to show you the other pictures, because there are so many hilarious ones. haha i totally forgot about your crazy karoake neighbors!

  3. sooz - thanks for the props. that was one fun night! great pics, too

  4. Good to see that you still end your night of dancing without shoes on. It is like you were at the Palladium, circa 1994.

  5. laughed out loud at keith's 80s band expression!

    i'm sad to have missed the festivities. looks like it was a good time!

  6. good times! Thanks amy for making it happen. I now listen to 94.9 in your honor!


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