Tuesday, November 9, 2010


my friend nicole introduced me to the simple woman's daybook. i like the format because it allows me to slow down and think about my day, but it is also essentially fill-in-the-blank. perfect for a day when i am weary after a long day of traffic (hours of it today between going to and from school! so over traffic), two girls who refused to sleep at the same times, a potential ear infection, and a freelance deadline. i am so grateful for life, really, even with all of the little things that can make a day hard.

Outside my window...it is quiet, dark, cold, and the street is wet with rain.

I am thinking...about this season of life as a mom, a parent of a deaf child, and an artist, and how i can make more art while still being a good mother.

I am thankful for...every single time my daughter turns to my voice and hears me; for ruby's contagious smile and snuggliness; for matt loving his dramatic wife; for our newly instated family dinners at my mom's house; for a new day every time the sun rises.

From the kitchen...some of matt's pinto beans, fresh tortillas, roasted broccoli, and a reese's cup left over from halloween.

I am wearing...black jeans, cozy sweater and a tank top.

I am creating...new potential card designs for papyrus and in my mind- very large, beautiful oil paintings (soon & very soon)

I am going...to soak up as much as possible of this season. as much as i struggle to wake up so much in the middle of the night to feed ruby, or to be patient when my girls are being difficult, i remember that time passes so quickly- and someday i will long for a baby to hold, or a toddler to chase.

I am reading...a gardening book on planting succulents. exciting, i know. i put our book club book down fro a while because it was depressing me.

I am hoping...that the fluid in m's ears disappears so she doesn't get yet another ear infection; for time to think about art tomorrow.

I am hearing...silence from upstairs (finally!) as my girls are both asleep after a long day of needing mommy. and...listening to mumford  & sons. deep down in my bones good for me to listen to their music.

Around the house...so much to do, but it will still be there for me to do later, and so i am sitting and resting.

One of my favorite things (actually a few of my favorite things)...the sound of my husband's voice calling for me when he gets home; getting love in the mail; all white bedding; diet coke; when my daughter wants to hold my hand; nursing ruby.

A few plans for the rest of the week: get more than 4 consecutive hours of sleep; write long overdue thank you notes; organize my girls' clothes and swap them out for larger sizes; celebrate my niece sadie's birthday with treats and a party in the park; kick out a bunch of amazing artwork

a picture of one of these moments: 
(matt putting up with a dramatic moment on my part)


  1. I am so happy to know you. seriously.

  2. hmm...i like the newly reinstated dinners too!

  3. I enjoyed your daybook!! I really enjoy your blog too. The photographs are beautiful!! I enjoy your writing style too. You have a beautiful family. Have a fabulous week!

  4. jhona-thanks so much for the kind comment! (welcome)


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