Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

i love thanksgiving. matt and i were talking about how it is one of the rare holidays that pretty much every american celebrates, and that almost no one works. it is beautiful outside today: crisp, clear fall weather and a lazy, do some work in the kitchen day inside.

this year has been one of many good things: ruby's birth, buying our home, m's language exploding, my brother's wedding, my friend's anniversary 5 years cancer-free, my mom buying a home a couple blocks away, good vacations with dear friends, spending every thursday night with a community of friends, 8 years of marriage, wonderful times with grandparents, new seasons of life with new friends and more time on life's journey with old friends, visits from extended family, and so much more.

and so i am extremely grateful, humble and thankful.

but i've been thinking a lot about how it isn't just about giving thanks when circumstances are ideal or the way we expected them to be. as we gather around the table at my mom's house later today i want to be mindful of being thankful in all circumstances. even if this next year is more sparing in its celebrations i want to be a person of gratitude and grace. when i was in middle school i went to a church youth group and the youth group leader would charge me 10 cents every time i complained. i complained a lot. i still do. i am so wary of inauthenticity and pretending that i err on the side of dwelling on the negatives before taking joy in the positives. i need to be more thankful. and say it outloud.

so here is to less complaining and more gratitude, in all types of circumstances, and throughout the other 364 days of the year.

(on this thanksgiving- i hope you eat, drink, and enjoy! i plan on trying all 3 kinds of pie we'll be having. so there.)

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