Tuesday, November 30, 2010


 walking to grandma's for thanksgiving!
 almost there...
 (the table is ready)
 adult table kid table mashup
 we did plenty of hanging out
 and then eating!
 m was a big fan of the rolls (that matt made from scratch)
shocking. my daughter never met a bread product she didn't love.
 more hanging, eating, chatting
and a few trips down to see newlywed aaron & sarah's new place eight doors down from my mom's.
(super cute with a little mini-house in the backyard- perfect for their nieces to play in!)
 love her.
 (grandma holding ruby)
 we needed some downtime before pie, 
so some lounged on the couch while others waxed philosophical
 or just drank wine
and then, we played games
have you ever played a game where jesus, carbon dating & lindsay lohan were involved?
well, maybe you need to come to our house next year.
and then, we ate pie. 
so good.
a day to be
thankful for so much.


  1. think y'all will have room for us next year?

  2. don't even joke.

    of COURSE!!!!!!!

  3. this post makes me happy for the following reasons 1. i like to see sadie and m playing together. 2. i like food and your mom's pies. 3. i like seeing you have your hands free with a glass of wine. 4. i like that ruby makes the same face in every photo. deer in the headlights, no smile.

  4. 1. yes. until m started grabbing poor sadie's toys. 2. me too. do you like how the stuffing was smack dab in front of my plate? i was strategic in my table placement. 3. me too. my family's turned into a bunch of lushes. just kidding. 4. future teenage blackmail material. who needs love and logic when you have deer in the headlight and naked baby pics?

  5. bytheway...

    being a lush is fine as long as you have amazing wine to drink and equally amazing homemade artisan rolls to match


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