Wednesday, November 3, 2010

until we meet again, new york

we had great intentions to get up and go every day in new york, but thanks to the east coast time difference, ruby woke up much later than her typical 5:30-6 am wake up time. if you had told me 10 years ago that i would consider 7:30 am sleeping in? i would've laughed at you.
on our last day in new york we started off at a great breakfast spot 
that was tucked down a nondescript alley.
 (image from here)
it was so cute inside. loved it. 
it kind of reminded me of a mashup between domino magazine and a hipster's hunting lodge.
our food was super good too.
it was too hipster in there, and i was already getting looks for having a baby (again, a spot where i think babies rarely show up), so i kept my camera stashed in my bag.
(image from here)
we sat right next to this bar, although because it was sunday,
new york's blue laws mean that they can't serve alcohol before noon.
not that i normally imbibe at that time of day,
but a couple of those brunchy adult drinks looked very tasty to this mama!
alas, i settled for a fantastic cappuccino instead.

it was another day of good food and art, so we headed to ps1 to see the greater new york show,
which was a bunch of contemporary work by artist's living in the new york area.
(we took a crazy, circuitous route involving the subway, walking, wandering,
and ultimately a taxi ride)

we sat outside of the cafe for a while enjoying some coffee and the perfect weather.
don't worry, i nursed ruby here too.
ps1 is in a massive old public school building, with art in every room

ruby and i outside of ps1.

art saturated, we hopped on a subway back to manhatten, where i grabbed a sandwich at one of tom colicchio's wichcraft sandwich shops. 
(maybe you know tom from one of my favorite chef!
after my late lunch we walked to greenwich village to meet up with our friend nick to hang out and get a drink before going to an early dinner.
(image from here)
we went to minetta tavern in greenwich village, where i finished off my burger tour of new york with the delicious black label burger. it was delicious, but the experience was less than stellar. first of all, ruby was fussy, hungry, tired and totally being a normal 5 month old in a restaurant that is more suited for people of the adult variety. i tried to take her into the bathroom to nurse or change her, but i swear the it was smaller than our bathroom at home. then there was a super high maintenance woman at the table next to us who was wreaking all of this havoc. 
add in lame waitstaff, and sadly, it wasn't that great. (but our food was good!)

we went home early, walking the streets of new york a final time before our flight the next morning.
even ruby was tired, so she conked out on our flight home (in between being squirrely and nursing)

goodbye for now new york!
we loved you!

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  1. love all the photos and stories. i need a burger after reading and seeing them.


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