Tuesday, November 30, 2010

eating my words

remember that whole 30 posts in 30 days promise that i made at the beginning of november? yes, i am behind, as if you didn't notice. of course my saving grace at this point is that i didn't say it would be a post every day, just that in 30 days there would ultimately be 30 posts. or at least that is what i am telling myself to justify the fact that i am going to be playing catch up for a few days!

meanwhile, my computer is freaking out & gobbling up photos like leftover thanksgiving pie. no fun. so photos have been hard to post. if anyone can find my entire photo library from july 24th-today, i'll be your best friend.

a few snippets to be expanded on later: thanksgiving was great. we saw both sides of the family & ate lots of good food! my baby still likes to wake up at all hours for snacks. i am exhausted. ruby screamed from 3-5 am last night. oh yes, we make stubborn baby girls with healthy lungs. more to follow...(and more gripping than this) i promise!


  1. oh yes, we make stubborn baby girls with healthy lungs. more to follow...
    What's that? More baby girls with healthy lungs to follow??? XX

  2. haha-oh goodness! i should clarify!!!! no more babies to follow at this point!


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