Friday, November 19, 2010


do you ever read nie nie?
here's a summary if you haven't read stephanie's story. shortest version: she and her husband (barely) survived a plane crash 2 years ago...
(after the crash) 
image from here
she blogged before the crash and blogs still, all while raising 4 kids and going through so much to heal (most of her body was burned in the crash.) she is a pretty incredible person.

i loved this post that she wrote this week. funny how we compare our lives, our bodies, our situations, our houses, our clothes, our kids, our struggles, our job (or lack thereof) to others'. somehow much easier to compare and wish than to celebrate and be thankful for the life we do have. i am often so guilty of this.

so for tonight- i am thankful for two daughters who bring me so much joy; i am thankful for dear family-close and far, young and old, blood related and deep down soul friends; i am thankful for rest after a very long day; i am thankful for a husband who is also my best friend, who makes me coffee in the morning and who champions me; i am thankful for the miracle that is m's ability to hear; i am thankful for a strong, healthy body and naturally wavy hair; i am thankful for hands that can draw what i see in my head.

what are you thankful for?


  1. It was a thought provoking post over at nienie. I am thankful for delsie's hearing, take out dinners, a cozy house and winter squash and so on.

  2. Interesting article, added his blog to Favorites


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