Tuesday, November 9, 2010

and now, my job as a parent is done.

these sentences came out of my daughter's mouth on monday. 
promise, i did not lead the witness or edit them. 
  • "mommy, i want to hear bono singing." (be still my beating heart.)
  • "i'm really glad ruby [is] in our family." (someday when ruby thinks her sister doesn't love her, i will have proof)
  • (as she walked by one of my paintings on the wall, she pointed and said) "i like your paintings. that is beautiful right there." (who needs a gallery show when your daughter likes your paintings? ok, well, maybe i wouldn't mind a gallery show, but in the meantime, that makes my heart swell.)
true story.


  1. WOW!!! I see why you're so pleased! BTW, while I like the simple cherry-blossom-blue-sky motif for the blog heading, I miss seeing your paintings.

    And her grip on the marker is very mature, too!

  2. love.it.
    be still your beating heart, for sure1