Tuesday, November 2, 2010

be kind, rewind (or the day that i was awesome, nyc version)

so, i haven't quite finished up our long weekend in new york, so bear with me as i rewind to three weeks ago! saturday in new york was another day of perfect weather. we started out by going to the union square farmer's market. we got some amazing fresh yogurt, baked treats (of course), and apples! i love apples on the east coast-such different varieties, and they remind me of my childhood in philadelphia. i wanted to buy my mom a bag so she could make herself an apple pie.
busy saturday morning farmer's market action
i was sad we didn't live close by to buy lots of fresh, local-ness!
so fun to visit farmer's markets in other areas to see how they differ.
ruby enjoyed the market by snuggling up
aforementioned delicious, sweet apples.
so good.
...and also yarn! 
i loved this rainbow.
(& it made me think of knitters dear to me: my aunt fern emma and rose! wish i could've carried a bunch home for you both!)
someday my daughter will hate all of these pictures 
because in each of them she is essentially zoning out, chewing on her carrier, or asleep.
i needed some coffee so we stopped at a coffee truck.
then, we headed to 2 stores i've always wanted to go to!
first, abc carpet & home. so many floors of amazing. 
i want to live there, 
or at least have enough money to buy a bunch of the stuff & then transform my home.
both of these options are likely not going to happen, so i soaked up as much wonderful as i could.
(image from here)
(image from here)

then i wanted to go to topshop, but trying to shop there with a 5 month old attached to me was, well, not very successful so i left empty handed.
oh, to have wandered without a baby...
we called home to check in on how m was faring with the grandparents
(she was happy as can be)
and then, because i apparently was on the burger tour of new york, 
we headed to the shake shack for lunch. 
matt claimed a spot in the veeeeeery long line, and ruby and i claimed a table.
oh sweet girl.
so here's the thing. look at this picture. how delicious & perfect does it look?
it tasted just. that. good.
the cheese fries had this completely non-nacho-y-cheese taste. 
it tasted real and completely incredible, topping off crisp fries.
and my coffee milkshake? 
let's just say that i am so glad that i live 2000+ miles away from the ability to buy one.

ruby is a smart girl - she wanted some shake action too.
i know, lots of ruby pictures, but just love this one of them.
post-lunch we walked to chelsea where we gallery hopped for a few hours.
ruby was the only baby around,
so she melted those gallerinas manning the front desks' hearts with her big eyes and cute knitted shrug.
this is at the behemoth gagosian gallery where we saw art by dan colen (shocking: a young white male making huge art and showing at a moneypants gallery for bazillion dollars.) 
in the foreground is a huge skateboard ramp that was in use during the opening and then flipped over.
we went to a beautiful show by pipoletti rist.
it was pretty mesmerizing.
looking at art makes me want to make more art.
ruby was all about it.
(i love watching my girls look at art)
after a ton of galleries we hit art saturation point and headed up to high line park
freight trains used to run along the tracks up there, so that they were not running on the city streets. 
it is being transformed into an elevated park, with beautiful design, and such an image of rebirth and renewal in a place that was once overgrown, forgotten and ugly.
so peaceful.

as we looked out at the cityscape from the high line, 
i saw a bunch of artist jenny holzer's work on the nearby buildings and parking lots.

so much walking and art absorbing makes one famished, so we walked to dinner!
as an aside, my feet were killing. i thought they would fall off, they hurt so much.
we went to momofuku noodle bar, which matt had been dying to go to.
miraculously we only waited 5 minutes! later in the evening the wait was over 2 hours.
and...good thing we got in, because matt was in food heaven. 
 (image from here)
(i don't think babies go there very much, from the looks people were giving ruby.)
steamed pork belly buns
the most incredible roasted corn i have ever had in my whole life. with little fingerling potatoes snuck in. oh my. i basically ate the entire bowl.
homemade pickled treats to start
matt's pork noodle ramen with a perfectly poached egg in the center
my ginger mushroom noodle bowl
super delish.
apple pie truffles for dessert.
imagine apple pie flavored donut holes, if you can.
and then, we headed home with our tired feet and our tired baby.

oh, and were you wondering about why this was the day i was awesome?
because i nursed my baby in the following locations:
union square market, abc carpet & home, topshop, our table by shake shack, on a grungy stairway outside of a gallery, in high line park, oh and yes, on one of those bar stools you see in that photo of the noodle bar. 
in short, i was pretty awesome when it came to sustaining my daughter's life throughout the city of new york. humbling, yes. but kind of rockstar too.


  1. can i just say i am jealous of your nyc trip.

  2. were you across the street from gansavort hotel? cause i swear i saw the rooftop of that gallery david painted a mural on top of. and by the way, i laughed out loud at your breastfeeding locations. i hope my mom reads this.

  3. If you come here,I will babysit Ruby and you can go in Topshop!!!xxx


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