Thursday, November 4, 2010

gold stars all around

storytime with uncle aaron & aunt sarah
i just wanted to brag a little bit.

my newest sister-in-law, sarah, is finishing up her final year of residency as a doctor at children's hospital. besides being way more legit than internet research for my countless medical theories and questions, she is for reals. as in, not just a play-one-on-tv kind of doctor, but a real actual doctor. we just found out that she has been awarded one of the positions as chief resident next year! yup, she's pretty great, and now i'm related to her.

(meanwhile, across the atlantic, my other sister-in-law, who works for the state department, was promoted! all i know is that this probably means her security clearance is even higher than it is already & she'll get to run an embassy even sooner. can you imagine? uh, her boss is the secretary of state. you may have heard of her. yes, hillary clinton.)

i better step up my game!


  1. wait does that mean sarah will be dr grey or dr sheppard?

  2. dr. bailey at the beginning of the show. and then callie was, but i forget what happened with that storyline...

  3. um, dr and working for hillary- isn't it nice to have smartypants friends you can brag about?

  4. So I may or may not have read that incorrectly adn for a split second thought your sister was Hilary Clinton.

    I am now laughing histerically and my misinterpretation!

  5. hot damn! you sure know how to pick in-law relations to up the team prinz awesomeness factor...


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