Tuesday, November 30, 2010

right now

Outside my window...the street is dark, quiet, resting.

I am thinking...of how time passes so quickly, in a day, in one's life. i'm wondering how i can live life to soak it up and slow it down.

I am thankful for...a full day, smattered with points of joy and laughter. friends who are still everyday friends even when they live thousands of miles away.

From the kitchen...fenton's ice cream calling my name in the freezer. but so far, i resist.

I am wearing... red scarf, striped grey shirt, cozy black sweater, pj bottoms, and uggs. cozy over cute, my friends.

I am creating...new traditions, a safe place for my daughters to grow, learn, and make mistakes, a marriage based on trust and seeing who we can be, not just who we are right now.

I am going...to celebrate this advent season with hope and expectation and simplicity.

I am reading...a stack of art and style magazines i bought this weekend.

I am hoping...that ruby sleeps all night long. (and that i do too)

I am hearing...the sound of the heater, music streaming on pandora, my daughter rolling around in her bed upstairs.

Around the house...m's books and little girl sweaters are scattered about, folded laundry sits waiting to find spots in drawers, dishes sit in the sink, and i am perfectly happy to be ignoring all of it to sit down.

One of my favorite things...when my mom plays the piano and i stand behind her with one hand on her shoulder, my sister next to me, and we sing old hymns.

A few plans for the rest of the week: finish my advent activity calendar for m and ruby, figure out christmas cards, finish my book club book, clean aforementioned messy house, snuggle up my daughters, go on a family walk.

what are
you doing right now? format taken from here...the simple woman's daybook.


  1. don't these lists help you stop and reflect for a moment!

  2. right (about) now, the funk soul brother...

    which has nothing to do with your mother or your post 'cept the song has been in my head since i read yer post

  3. this is fun. when i have time, i want to join in on the fun. and your mom's denium duds make me think of your corduroy concoction monday night

  4. oh my. the corduroy on corduroy action has to stop. i can't help it if i don't have a personal shopper husband like you do.

  5. This makes me miss my grandma, who taught me to love music, especially the old hymns. Plus, I love the title of your blog. Life is good but hard!


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