Thursday, November 18, 2010

party in the park

best place for a kiddo party? the park. 

the grownups can chat
 or wear shark masks
while the kiddos run around celebrating.
 unless you are too small to run around. in that case, you get snuggled.
and then passed for some more snuggling.
(just one more snuggle)

rebecca and mark had a pinata for the bigger kids,
although they had various methods for attacking the zebra...
 amy & becca give a crash course in how to hit a pinata
micah tries to go the gentle route.

 monrovia acted like she was brushing its' mane the first time around, and then she got into it.
 the crook at the end of the stick was a little on the dangerous side, 
especially when the biggest kids got up to swing.
and finally,
down came the zebra
spilling open with toys and stickers and treats!
 judah didn't quite totally get the concept...
and wept over the broken zebra

 wearing loot from the pinata
 m helps sadie blow her candle out!
(judah appears to have recovered and is now doing his best mccauley culkin home alone impersonation in the background)
happy birthday little one!
 sadie dutifully destroys her birthday treat
 and for ruby, one last snuggle lead to falling asleep on grandma.

super fun party enjoying the park before the chill of late fall sets in!
(oh oakland, how i love your moderate weather)


  1. i love the photos! rubes looks adorable in that photo with johnny. and still love my son's tears over the zebra. such a fun party

  2. I love the pic with Monrovia and her cupcake the best! I haven't seen that look before...she looks so grown up! xo

  3. great posts! that was a great day, perfect morning! i'm so sad that I can't find my charger. :( that's why I haven't been blogging. again, :(


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