Monday, July 6, 2009

...deja vu vacation posting

...oh, i know you are all on the edge of your seats, wondering how our vacation concluded. or not. i've been a bit slow, which is why i am not a very good blogger. you know, life happens and hurtles along.

we left beautiful friends and beautiful weather in san diego and headed north, stopping to stay with our friends jeff and jenny and their adorable little munchkin henry. one of my very favorite things is watching little m and henry play together; it is like watching pure, unadulterated joy and curiosity. let's call our vacation what it was: a tour of potential arranged marriages for our daughter, since all of our friends have adorable boys! little m and henry had lots of love time: 
eating snacks, exchanging toys and saliva, reaching out to each other. 
warms my heart, those two.
can you see the love in her eyes?
how cute is this smile?
henry can't keep his hands of my daughter!

and, matt and i had a great time with henry's parents (as usual)...

good talks and food of course, but jeff introduced us to the pilot episode of glee! um, so good. and love watching tv with jeff and jenny because they give fabulously comical and engaging synopsi (is this the plural form of synopsis?) of shows like american idol, so you think you can dance, etc., so you don't have to watch the whole thing. shockingly, matt got sucked in by jeff's quick version, so we watched the whole episode of glee. (i loved it. go watch it on hulu!)

i love our friends. they're great.

matt and i hit all of our favorite spots in our old town, and then hit the road again to deposit our darling little m at her grandparents house in ventura so that we could get away overnight sans our daughter! 


  1. um hello?

    late train.

    glee = unbelievably amazing and hysterical = you have to watch it in the fall.


    carry on.

  2. i know- i am way behind. but a. i don't have a tv and b. i thought i'd take a try being a late adopter since normally i am such a trendsetter.

    we're all on the late train once in a while, you know? well- everyone except for you lyd.

  3. um glee- don't you mean 'the life and times of the marsh girls?' cause that's what we called it when we saw the pilot 6 months ago

  4. by the way, all of you "i saw it months ago" let me clarify that i knew what glee was (bc when it premiered it made its way into lots of facebook status updates), that the marsh girls were already all about it (thanks to the glories of fb), and that it was amazing and hysterical, but you know, i'm all obsessed and about the wire these days...drugs, gangs, and lots of homicides as opposed to cheerleaders and duets in the high school auditorium.

    hehe- which now that i think about it, i also am watching the wire YEARS after it was on tv.

  5. i am almost unhealthily obsessed with glee and its impending fall comeback. I LOVE IT SO.

    and i'm glad you're making your vacation last a long time by stretching out the posts. brilliant, really.

  6. ok, i will let it go just this once...but only because of two things:

    #1 - you are hot.
    #2 - you don't own a tv.
    #3 - little M steals your heart & time away from watching glee or anything else, equally as amazing (ahem, gossip girl). and she is so presh i want to squeeze her forever, so i'll forgive you for being

  7. I'm confused. Why aren't you writing about MJ?


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