Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a tragedy. serious.

dear freaking entire west coast,

please get a rita's already. 
it is summer after all, and i can't even indulge once without heading across the country.

i wish my friends coming from philadelphia this week could secretly stash some away for me in their luggage, but i don't think that would work so well. 

frozen delight+ cross country flight=bad news bears.

isn't the bay area supposed to be the temple of food or something like that?
i'm just saying.



  1. I hear you, but I have reservations on these types of things now. The magic is often lost when we get that "regional delight" to expand and come to someplace more convenient. Usually, it is ruined because they don't do it right, because their main reason to expand is for the $$$, usually the quick cash, too.

    Krispy Kreme is a perfect example. It used to be you could only get it in the South so if you were there, that was a treat and those of us West Coasters either didn't know about it, wondered about this supposedly amazing donut, or yearned to be there so we could have one hot off the line. Then, they came here. And everywhere else. The lines were huge. At first, it was only in a few places so it still seemed a bit scarce. And then, crash, for many possible reasons. And Krispy Kremes just aren't special any more.

    In n Out has done it better. It used to just be SoCal, so when you were going to Disneyland or Magic Mountain, you made sure to get to an In n Out, too. Now, it is a little easier to get to in California and a few other states. But it still has that aura. You hear it from a lot of people who have had In n Out but don't live here.

    Plus, now that you have mentioned it, I know there is something I need to look for when I travel out there. I love that.

  2. um isn't the west coast version called Dairy Queen

  3. woah. you just made me freak out about the fact that i am missing out on this. damn you. good thing they have them in texas. i know where i'll be going the next time i head home :)

    ps - i just scoured the internet not long ago, in search of fudge bomb pops. don't think i won't drive to redwood city just to get them cuz i will.

  4. um, amy. blasphemy. dairy and rita's? SOOOOO different. first of all, that is an italian ice with custard on top- not soft serve. and it is amazing. they have different flavors every day. so good. (and, the dairy queen is coast to coast...)

    scooter- ok, true. but i long...

    and lydia jasso- you will LOVE ritas because it is like a slurpee kicked up 20 notches of delicious.

  5. It is obvious to me that my life is sadly lacking because I have never in my life tasted this delciousness. Que lastima.

  6. wow...I don't know if I should be mad or not. I've been gone from Philly for two years now and somehow had gone all summer without missing water ice. I somehow had become blissfully ignorant of their existence once again. Then you had to go and remind me. Ah! What I would give for a mango water ice!


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