Thursday, July 16, 2009

things i love at this very moment

fresh from the tree peaches, nectarines and plums!
sharing long meals with friends

eating outside

celebrations, big & small

not doing much at all but hanging out

listening for airplanes
(little m can hear them pass by, understands the word "airplane" and she points up at the sky!)
summer camp

having the time and space to share life
the front yard with friends from far away, the ice cream cart passing by, watering the garden, sunflowers growing tall, laughter, an entire afternoon of talking and lounging, peets iced coffee, strawberries straight from the garden
little m having relationships with people who love her
impromptu playdates
strawberry shortcake smackdown! 
this yummy version that i concocted vs.
matt's version.
i think i lost.
(but it was close)
and who really loses when you get to eat two versions of strawberry shortcake 
in the same sitting?
the light at the end of the day

i love summertime! 

what do you love right now?


  1. When we lived in the Bay Area, we had dwarf fruit trees in the back yard. Imagine being 14, lying in the sun on the diving board with your toes trailing in the pool, reaching up and plucking an orange from the tree and eating it on the spot. The best peach I've ever eaten in my life was from one of those trees -- it was so fresh that it actually made my mouth ache. I live just south of Buffalo, now -- no fruit trees, no swimming pool. (But crisp fresh snow in the moonlight is a breathtaking sight.)

  2. oooh, that is beautiful. (but i don't so much love the dirty, slushy melted snow that comes after a bit)

  3. what i love right now:
    weekends with little son, husband and friends. sleeping in on saturdays. summer fruit. less traffic cause schools out. and you.

  4. once again, Marsh stole my response...

    well, except for the husband part - that would be awk. and the son part - that would be painful and awk. and the fruit part - i prefer fast food.

    okay, i guess i just love you :)


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