Wednesday, July 1, 2009


today was a good day:
no reason in particular.
thankful for...
  • my healthy body that got me through the class at the gym that kicks by bootie here + back again
  • playtime, snuggletime, sillytime, storytime, bathtime, and all-the-other-time with little m. i love being a mom from the first moment i see my daughter in the morning until it is her bedtime, and all those in between parts too. and then, at night, i sneak into her room (which isn't that hard, her being deaf and all, and not able to hear me) and gaze down at her lovingly and in awe. i adore her.
  • sunshine and ice cream and fun visitors that just drop by and red painted toenails and tanktops and strawberries and clean dishes and finding old photos.
  • my beloved. oh, i just love my husband and even though he thinks i totally take over the whole bed (i kind of do) and make him stay up too, too late (i for sure do) and i talk to him when he's trying to read (it makes things more interactive) and do things the roundabout and least logical way (um, yeah, that too) and am a complete and total handful (guilty), he still loves me too. i am his favorite and he is mine.
  • blowing bubbles in the warm july sun on my front stoop. (i'd love to call it a porch, but, well, it just really isn't large enough to even pretend.)
what are you thankful for today?

1 comment:

  1. thankful for:
    *princess cake, brought over by my mom - oh, my - yum!
    *viv pretending to talk on the phone and saying hello, which sounds like "holla!"
    *a stack of library books for viv and me
    *a new white duvet cover, embroidered with a pattern that reminds me of bubbles


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