Thursday, July 2, 2009


today, july 2nd, is my mom's 60th birthday.
(happy birthday cornelia ruth)
she deserves a party, 
but instead she is up past midnight as the hour strikes her birth day, 
baking cinnamon buns for those she loves, 
because that is the type of woman she is: 
she serves others without complaint and because it gives her joy.

she is a woman of faith, wisdom, beauty, and perseverance.

she is a mother, a pray-er, a writer, a teacher, a lover of truth, hope and beauty, 
a pilgrim, a friend and a sister. 
she loves words, going on adventures, children, integrity, music, a good leather chair, brand new journals, vanilla ice cream, talking on the phone, clean kitchen floors that have been scrubbed by hand, maine, coming up with theories on just about everything and watching radiant sunsets.

she will sidle right up to you, put her arm around your shoulder, come in close, and ask you how you you really are, and then she will listen.

she will wake up at 4 in the morning to make you a pie or cinnamon buns because she heard that you like them, and she knows you've been having a rough week.

she will go completely out of her way to do you a favor or give you a ride or extend you some kindness.

she will treat you as if you were one of her own children.

she will eat leftover apple pie for breakfast.

she taught me that there are more important things in life 
than being concerned with the surface of things, 
that what matters is living with integrity regardless of who is watching.

today i celebrate my mom, 
and the richness of her character
 the way she has walked in grace and courage throughout her 60 years.


  1. That's a beautiful tribute! You have an amazing way with imagery. My mother is visiting for a week, so I'm in a very similar mindset -- in awe of what a wonderful person she is, and grateful for her presence in my life. Here's to the Good Moms.

  2. Cornelia-

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!! I love you.


  3. What beautiful words about your mom. Much happiness to your magnificent mama today.

    (And how much do I love her name - Cornelia Ruth - gorgeous!! [We share the same middle name.])

  4. Cheers to Cornelia, my pseudo mom. I love this photo too. Reminds me of shopping at Nob Hill in P-town. Huge vat of refried beans anyone? Happy Birthday mama Ruff!


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