Friday, July 31, 2009

(sit small)

this has been quite a week.
we have had dear friends in town all week visiting us all the way from england. 
this morning i plopped them off at the airport, 
so sad to see them go but thankful for the time we've shared.
we now have other dear friends visiting from philadelphia. 

(if any of you have ever been in my teeny home you will find it comical that we have been housing so many visitors)

friends with history- 
relationships that last across distance, over the span of time, and changes in life circumstance. 
these are the types of friends who don't care how clean your house is, 
or who can tell from one look that you've been crying, 
that ease your burdens by listening and then saying just what you need to hear, 
that make you laugh until your sides hurt,
that stay up until 4 in the morning with you talking 
about the most important things in the world or nothing at all.

this week my parents also both signed 
divorce papers.

good to be with friends.
good to talk to them. 
good to just be quiet with them when life takes tuns you weren't expecting.

it has been quite a week.


  1. 'Tis bittersweet. That would be your blog's synonym.

  2. no wondah you've been on my mind this week. love and hugs. enjoy this next bit of soul-filling visitation!!


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