Wednesday, July 1, 2009

(little m making the "daddy" sign)

little m loves her papa. 

often we will be in the middle of playing or reading or snacking, and she will start signing "daddy." um, hello my darling sweetpea, mommy is sitting right in front of you!? but i get it; i like to hang out with her daddy too, and could pretty much do it all the time. so, you know, i empathize. and, every time she signs daddy a little part of my heart goes crunch, because i think of how her face lights up when she sees her daddy and what a wonderful it is to my daughter that she has such a good dad. it is pretty cute how often she does it, with this earnest searching look in her eyes, as if he will suddenly appear if only she signs for him.

love it.


  1. What a good little signer you are Little M!!

  2. That is SUCH a sweet picture! I bet it just melts his heart!


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