Friday, July 24, 2009

foodie friday

so, matt doesn't like it so much when i rave about him on my blog. he kind of squirms and rolls his eyes. in response i say, "sorry, deal with it. rave on i will and that's all there is to it." 

don't get me wrong- sometimes sweet mateo drives me crazy: he hates car heat, i love to be toasty; he loves punk rock, i am destined to duet with u2; he is anti-microwave, i am all about heating every baked good up for 15 seconds; he wants to take a vow of poverty and live in intentional community in the hood, i am just content to live in the land of ghetto birds (but with my own kitchen and a space to call my own); he drinks english breakfast tea with whole milk and 2 cups of sugar, i drink nonfat lattes. when it comes to disagreement, i am the hothead, not him. my poor peace-loving husband married a fiesty one. so don't let me mislead you into thinking it is 24-7 roses and cupid arrows at our house...but truly, most of the time i do think my husband is great. 

like when he makes awesome food.
a few weeks ago he made gnocchi from scratch and it was incredible...

fresh gnocchi and straight from the garden basil, mortle and pestled into pesto.
happy belly!


  1. oh man. that looks delish!! can't wait to come over to your house.

    i also sometimes have to fight off ryan's attempts at extreme simplicity/poverty. i think it's going to be a constant battle for us.

  2. seriously! we have got to share a meal on of these days.

  3. Vince and I are totally inspired to try making gnocchi again, based on these beauties Matt made. We tried years ago but they weren't so great...these look incredible.

  4. omg Anna would PEE!!! she loves that stuff

  5. yum!! pillows of love. those look amazing!!


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