Friday, July 10, 2009

going back in time to our vacation a few weeks back, i conclude with the most amazing day. we'd dropped our little monkey at matt's parents, and headed for an overnight trip to solvang.

{two tidbits:}
1. it was the first time we've left little m overnight since she was born; although we have left her with babysitters galore for entire days. 
2. matt and i have chronic plan-making issues. in other words, any time we have a free day or weekend & we try to make plans, then we either enter the zip code of indecision city, we get in a fight, or we end up doing nothing because we can't figure out what we are going to do. so with 36 hours to plan, we were a little anxious about our impending open-ended fun-fest.

but fun fest it was! in just a day we were pretend food critics, wine tasted, went to a rummage sale at the local mission, happy houred, sampled peaches at a peach farm, coffee shopped, book stored, watched the wire (shocking, i know), walked through ye old town of solvang, eclair gobbled, slept in without being awoken by the delightful cries of my daughter. 

it rocked. 
don't we look happy?
we sat for a while at this amazing winery and just talked.
sunshine, conversation, surrounded by a peaceful vineyard with my favorite person.

pretty great, right?

and then, we discovered the. best. thing. ever.
um, no it wasn't these succulents. but they sure are pretty, right? 
and they were hanging right outside of the best thing ever.
it was a pretty good clue that what was inside was super adorable.
we had stumbled upon a tasting room
and were lured inside by the pretty vintage trailer 
advertising cupcakes inside.
i couldn't resist.

i'm sorry, did domino magazine (r.i.p.) manifest itself as a wine tasting and cupcake shop?
i was dying from how great this spot was.

adorable city.
how cute are these cupcakes?

you can get yourself one cupcake, or two, or...
a freaking flight of cupcakes, my friends. 
as in, taste 6 different flavors of amazing.
as in the aforementioned best thing ever.
as in, 6 mini cupcakes, just enough to share with your very favorite person.
you only see three cupcakes here because we devoured the first three in mere seconds.
these aren't dry cupcakes in which the cake is merely the vehicle for the frosting 
(which in my opinion is the problem with most cupcakes. 
sure, cupcakes are pretty, but most of the time not so tasty.) 
these yummies have nuggets of delicious filling in the center of each one, 
and the cake itself is moist and so good.

this retro trailer was parked outside. love love love it. how cute would this be, stocked with cupcakes and hitched outside of your next party? but alas, i live half a state away, so i'll just have to hit enjoy cupcakes up the next time i am headed to the southland. or, i can just dream of the delight by following their blog.

(but faithful reader michele mollkoy, who also lives not so far away, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't hightail it over there and pick yourself up some yummy. like asap.)


  1. oh my gosh! this was totally david's idea. he wants a step van to take on the road and sell cupcakes, coffee and couture. um maybe i should put [tm] after that idea. love it!

  2. good for you guys...sounds heavenly.
    I need to go to that cupcake trailer!

  3. ROAD TRIP!!! cannot wait to try that cupcake spot, as cupcakes make life pretty and cute and delicious and this one happens to be on one of my favorite stretches of road in the world (between SLO and SB).

    mostly i am just so happy that you guys got away - yes, you two look SO happy. refueling is the best, and i'm so glad you and matt got to do that while m happily partied with grandma and grandpa.

  4. holy moley!!! a FLIGHT OF CUPCAKES. hello, DREAM COME TRUE. so so awesome. glad you two got to spend some time alone together, and with cupcakes on top of it all!

  5. i hate cupcakes, and now i want one.

  6. i am not kidding- they are so good. and i don't even like lots of cakes. just the frosting situation.

  7. BLAST!!! We were just in Santa Ynez for two days this last weekend and didn't know about this! CURSES!!!


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