Monday, March 23, 2009

a confession

matt says i always take over the whole bed when we are sleeping.

i think he's being dramatic and has a hard time telling where the half of the bed is 
when it's dark.

matt says i always steal the covers.

but, no, i insist; that is SO in your imagination! 

and then....
i made the bed the other day (not i novel thing, i promise), 
when i spotted his side of the bed covers, barely covering the mattress:

versus my side of the bed covers: long, almost touching the floor, 
and obviously unevenly distributed in favor of (gasp) 
so i confess. 
i guess i am a blanket thief. 
i take it all back. 
not that i plan on doing things differently at all;
but i can at least be penitent in my thievery.


  1. wait. is this Anna's blog? ;)

  2. I was sleeping on 1/3 of our bed for most of our marraige. Now with the new baby, I sleep on 1/4 of the bed when Jodi brings the baby into bed in the middle of the night to nurse. It has always been her plan to get me to break down and buy us a Cal King bed. I ferociously claw on to my sliver of Queen size bed!


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