Monday, March 23, 2009

neighborhood watch

little m's very favorite location in the house is right here, 
perched over the couch, looking out at the world through our living room window. she has a fabulous view of all the cars zipping down our street, all of the assorted passers-by, the hummingbirds that reside in our front yard, and of any visitors that happen to stop by our house. i may be having the worst day imaginable, or just feeling rather blah, but when i walk up our walkway after being away for a few hours and see this little monkey looking out the window grinning at me, crazily making the sign for mommy, and swaying back and forth, 
all is good in the world.


  1. Is your daughter signing a lot? My daughter was implanted about the same age as yours (4.5 years ago) and she had quite a big sign vocabulary. Most of which has disappeared now.

  2. in the last month her signing vocab has skyrocketed! her favorite signs are daddy and milk- no surprise there! ;) it just shows us that this is the perfect time for her language to explode.

  3. I adore this photo...and the fact that Little M loves to observe her world so much.


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