Friday, March 27, 2009


so, we all have our flaws: mine include enjoying diet coke, reading celebrity trash magazines in line at the grocery store, avoiding washing silverware, putting away laundry (love to fold it; hate to put it away), being the worst call-er back-er ever, and watching lame tv. of course, you know all of this if you've read my profile, because much to matt's chagrin, i am very upfront about it. don't get me wrong-i am also a woman of substance, but i have been known to dabble in the fluffy world of pop culture.

i've watched grey's anatomy since the first season. that feels like a long time ago. one of my friends was recovering from a bone marrow transplant and we'd sit together in the treatment room, huddled over her laptop, sharing a single set of earbuds and watching the latest episode that her husbnad had burned onto a dvd for us. she was being treated at a teaching hospital, so it felt only fitting that we would watch mcdreamy, meredith, and the clan living their pretend and love-drama-issues filled lives at seattle grace. it was a good distraction, and back then, it was a good show (even if it was/is basically a soap opera)

for some insane reason i keep watching it - usually when i am up at night working on freelance stuff and matt and little m have long ago gone to bed. this season has been ridiculous, but i've soldiered on, hoping that any episode now it would get good again.

it finally did- last week and this week were actually good episodes. the only reason i am even stooping to mention that i watch crappy tv on my blog is that i loved one of the lines from last nights episode:

people are better than no people.

in other words - we're human beings; we need each other. and we need to be there for each other. we are not meant to trudge through life alone. and we are also not meant to be so absorbed in our own crap that we don't show up when the people in our lives need us.

thanks for being my people. people
are better than no people; i've gotten through a bad year much due to my people. (you're way better than drinking a diet coke and reading us weekly all by myself.)


  1. Love it, so true. It's how I made it through a nonstop, crazy, insane year without meds. My people were my meds. Great post.

  2. you make me cry to much, beautifully said.

  3. misty eyed and fa-klempt.
    that's what you just made me go and do. love you


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