Thursday, March 5, 2009

sweet dreams

{the good:} 
last night matt dreamt that little m was describing to him what it sounded like to hear, 
and he woke up crying. 
(i can't wait.)

{the bad:}
he also had a dream that involved me getting devoured by a lion. 
except for an arm, or some other random limb. 

{the ugly:}
i was up until 3 am working on a greeting card deadline for papyrus, so no dreams for me. here's my thing: 
i hate that i work so well at night when all is quiet. 
it's great and all in the still of the night, but right now at 8 in the morning? 
i'm in a sleep coma.
how can i feel completely awake and normal at 3 am and then at 6:18 am, 
when little m wakes up and starts crying because she wants out of her crib,
i feel like a lion has partially devoured me and i am barely alive?
because that's how i feel right now.
like a partially-lion-devoured-sleep-coma-survivor-with-abba-songs-running-through-my-head*

*i had the movie mamma mia on in the background while i worked...
(don't judge- you know you love the song dancing queen)



  1. i love that movie. have you watched the sing a long version? it is awesome.

  2. i am the same. i can get 100% more stuff done in a single hour past midnight than any single hour before. also, mamma mia is pure brilliance... i sometimes call em 'chiquitita'


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