Monday, March 2, 2009

slowly but surely

little m's surgery was a week ago today, and although she seems to still be having a rough time sleeping, she is steadily getting back to her feisty self!
i think she's over posing for pictures and she's not even a year old. poor kiddo. can't you already just imagine the snarky looks she's going to shoot me when she's, oh, in the 12 to 18 years old range? sigh.
on friday after her speech therapy we went to the ferry building in san francisco and enjoyed the sunshine while it lasted...

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  1. No matter what is going on in life, my little girl Corinne changes her sleep pattern every two months. Maybe since it sounds like Monrovia was out of sorts before the surgery, she is just in mid pattern change. She is wonderfully photogenic by the way. It does not seem to matter what expression she is giving.


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