Sunday, March 29, 2009

speaking of food...

...and matt enjoying it, we've made a few yummy meals lately. 

last monday, on our way to southern california, we stopped at matt's parents for the night. matt has been hankering to make a full meal out of one of his newest cookbooks (purchased for him by his lovely and generous wife), david tanis' a platter of figs, so we decided to make his parents dinner. 
little m was not too pleased with her dinner of peas,
despite the tag team efforts of the grandparents.
matt's mom made a super delish spinach & cheese tart, with yummy puff pastry enclosing the oozy cheese in buttery flakiness. i ate waaaay too much of that appetizer, because it was just that good. (i took a picture but it didn't turn out so well, so you can rely on your powers of imagination and picture the goodness in your mind.) matt followed up with braised beef and rutabaga mashed potatoes; the meat was incredibly tender and the flavor, perfect.
we finished the meal with roasted apples-
sometimes the most simple thing 
is the best thing. 
it's kind of that way in life, too, i think.

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  1. I love simple things. Like a good simple cup of coffee, no milk, no sugar, just good.


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