Monday, March 2, 2009


i am sitting in a peet's coffee, about to go work in the studio, and the person sitting next to me decided that this would be an opportune time to floss his teeth. 

let me point out the two vital parts of that sentence: sitting. next. to. me. AND floss. his. teeth.

um, is it just me or is that really not ok? i'm all for dental hygiene; goodness knows, if i could change one thing about myself it might very well be my teeth, but seriously

if you are in your car flossing, that is something absolutely different: i think we can all agree that in the car although you are in fact surrounded by windows and all other passers-by can see what you are doing, that it is still a confined personal space, and so we sort of forgive each other for doing things in our car that are maybe more things you should do with no one around...

but flossing in a coffee shop?


  1. HILLARIOUS! ah great laugh. and totally nasty. um is it that same guy who is always at the peet's telling everyone how beautiful they are?

  2. ha- no different guy, but that guy drives me crazy. and then i feel bad that he drives me crazy because i think he has some sort of issues.

    this post also made me think of some anonymous friends of ours that use their breast pumps in the car...

  3. Um, the rules on flossing are distinctly written in the public grooming bylaws stating in section 4, (all hygienic care that could result in public exposure to unsanitary waste matter; snot, puke, stray hairs, or projectile fluids is required to be cared for in a clearance of twelve feet or in a contained environment for the health safety of the general public.) I think my made up bylaw is quite clear that flossing is only allowed for in the bathroom or on the porch. Hmmm.

  4. nice, anonymous. hey, are you on my porch right now?

  5. this might be the same guy who clips his toenails on BART...or my dad.


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