Thursday, March 12, 2009

(eleven months)

today little m turned eleven months old! for not even hitting her first birthday yet, m has had quite an action packed existence! in the past month she finally had her bilateral cochlear implant surgery, quickly recovered, and is now back to her spirited and feisty self. (she takes after her daddy, i say)

at eleven months m is 
  • pulling herself up on pretty much everything to stand
  • sporting two bottom teeth, which she uses to chew on everything in a 5 foot circumference of her
  • cruising around rooms by reaching from one piece of furniture to the next, or your legs if you happen to be standing close to her
  • feeding herself bite-sized goodies (she stuffs her face i tell you! stuffs! the girl is a mini foodie i swear- i gave her some leftover risotto this morning and she demolished it in moments...did i mention she takes after her daddy?)
  • her own personal dance party; she may not hear a pickin' sound, but the girl has got some moves, especially once she spies cheerios.
  • obsessed with the following: her small light-up rubber ducky, her pacifier, grape juice (what's not to like about grape juice?), the microwave (it is her best friend. bff runners up include her old favorites: my cell phone, camera, laptop, and any extraneous cords she may encounter; let's just say the aforementioned would be her bridesmaids if she got married tomorrow), turning the pages of her books (she prefers to read from back to front like her mama), playing at her little musical table (i think she may be surprised to find out that it makes sound! once her implants are activated), climbing, rolling and cavorting about in her crib rather than napping in it, looking out the front window at the world, kitchen utensils, playing tag (or at least the baby version of tag, which just consists of you tagging her while she is being held by you), and last but not least, chewing on people's chins
  • already tricky wicky: she looks at you right before she is about to do something she knows she shouldn't and grins or begins to laugh. i kid you not - she literally gets a glint in her eye and smiles.
  • ridiculously cute. we are hopelessly addicted to the monrovia channel.


  1. you are a little happiness explosion this week. i love it. thank you!

  2. cannot tell you how happy i am and excited for her! and for you & matt :)

  3. I'm glad things are going well! She is adorable!

    Have you gotten the outer part of her implants yet? Are they working? Let me know!

  4. Seriously, your daughter is freaking adorable. I LOVE her personality!


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