Wednesday, March 11, 2009

points of joy

so much to be thankful for, even when it's only halfway through the week....
today's points of joy:
(remembering that little m used to be this small)

(sitting outside with courtney in the warm san francisco sun: the anticipation of the new life inside of her growing bump joining us in the world any day now- come soon little one! we want to meet you!)
(matt's delicious scones; they give all other scones a bad name)
(this man and this little girl, sitting together in our home. 
they are more like explosions of joy, not just points of joy, 
bringing warmth to the coldest parts of my heart.)
(one of my most favorite kids ever: quentin and his awesomely painted nails- 
purple on one side and sparkly on the other)
(the best ever birthday cake: pink and purple frosting, sprinkles of all sorts, and dinosaurs, decorated by aforementioned cool kid quentin. perfection.)
(march in oakland)
(babylegwarmers. love them. so much. so cute on lil' bambinos. m has 5, count 'em,
5 pairs!)

and last but not least, the thought that just one week from today little m will experience sound for the very first time. amazing!


  1. love, love, love these points of joy! scones, sprinkles, spring and sassy baby legwarmers...with sound on the horizon for wonderful miss m - life is good!

  2. The pictures on the page really tell a story- little M is adorable and I think I want to try those scones.

  3. mmm. those scones are so yummy- maybe i'll pos the recipe!


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