Wednesday, March 4, 2009

little m's follow up

little m has had these little bandages behind her ear since her surgery last week. you can kind of see them under her hair in this picture.
yesterday we went down to her doctors, dr. roberson and dr. ort at california ear institute to check in on her and to take the bandages off the incisions.
{we love her doctors}
she was not very happy when dr. roberson peeled the bandaids off, 
but then she recovered quickly. 
they said her incisions were healing well and that the swelling she has is normal. 
brilliant little m has figured out a way to sleep in her crib so that she is not laying directly on her head and putting pressure on where it is still sore. 

we're all set for her activation dates on march 18th and 19th! 
now that her incision sites have healed, we could finally give our dirty little baby a bath!
she wasn't too happy about it...
(can you see her two itty bitty front teeth peeking through the gums?)


  1. So glad she is healing quickly! I am continually checking in on your blog to make sure she's doing okay. Can't wait for the "activation" date!

  2. oh my goodness! this is all great news! and yo, i LOVE those little teeth peeking through.
    go figure m would break a couple pearly whites through during the same week she has her wonder she was having a tricky time sleeping and a runny nose!

  3. I love the picture with the doctors. It seems like one of those photos M will look at some day and realize a) how little she was when she experienced all of this, b) how much her parents love her and how brave they were, and c) how cute and full of joy her mommy was on her "bandage removal day". Love it.

  4. yeah...and teeth too (or is it two)?

  5. she is the next cei poster child...
    i call it! SO SO SO glad all is well- amen and amen...

  6. Drs. Roberson and Ort are our FAVORITES! Landry actually recognized Dr. Ort sans white coat in Trader Joe's before I did!

    Next time you're down here, let me know and we can gt the girls together!!

  7. Sooz, isn't it amazing that you know so much about the auditory system in such little time? Unbelieveable learning curve.


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