Thursday, March 26, 2009

(happy birth day to you(r ears))

(chalk on pavement by sophie, elodie, jonas, ashlynn & joaquin)
on sunday we had a hearing day of birth party for little m! her actual first birthday is on easter, but in some ways celebrating her new ability to access sound (especially after such a long road) seemed more important.

there was a definite chance of rain and our place was too teeny to contain all of the well wishers joining us, so i was a bit-ok, very- nervous. and then on sunday morning, after some brief showers the sun poked through the clouds until the blue gradually overcame the grey. first thing in the morning, when i was still at home and he was at the church already, matt called me just to say, "the sun is out!"

it was a wonderful celebration of little m's cochlear implants getting hooked up and turned on. i was kind of overwhelmed with gratitude at how many people came to join us in such a historic and special moment in our family. i felt supported and loved beyond measure, both for matt and i but also for little m- something never to be taken for granted. people from all parts of our life came to hang out, eat and drink. i loved it.

it was a pretty great afternoon: we hired the pupusa lady from down the street to come and make pupusas for everyone, braved the sunny but windy back yard, chowed on yummy latin fare, and enjoyed delish sweet treats at the end. (my one disappointment was that my blueberry pies did not set right- they were more like blueberry soup in a crust. sigh.) the big kids (i.e. older than little m but younger than say, 7 yrs old) decided to spend the afternoon decorating the entire perimeter of our house with amazing chalk drawings. what could be better than to walk outside and have the party continue with these beautiful drawings under foot? 

it was a wonderful celebration, and i am so grateful that the people in our life get how huge this moment is for us...pretty special.

 i can only imagine what little m will be able to hear and say a year from now! maybe she'll be tagging along after the chalk drawers, trying to keep up.


  1. yay! i am so glad it went well...i had no idea that when i talked with you on saturday that sunday was gonna be so FUN!

  2. I am so happy you celebrated in such a beautiful and delicious way! M's ears definitely call for celebrating!

    We celebrated Viv's "heart day" - the day marking her heart surgery- in December. That celebration was so good for my heart, too - as I'm sure your celebration of Little M was for yours.


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