Tuesday, May 18, 2010

also loving

lots of small moments that make a whole lot of wonderful:
time celebrating with friends
a. our newly painted black bathroom. love. love. love the black.
b. final preggy belly moments
(here is one of my last attempts to document this pregnancy with more than 3 photos)
my cute niece sadie fern.
6 months of cuddly, smiley babyness.
(being held here by my brother aaron's super awesome girlfriend sarah)
my first handmade mother's day present from little m
these beautiful anemones from matt to me as a pre-mother's day bouquet
the amazing team of friends and family who love on my daughter
(here are a few of them..my sister becca, my brother aaron, and matt's sister chrissy)
this practical & also cute basket of housewarming treats from my mom-in-law,
chock full of my very favorite housecleaning products, mrs. meyers
these crazy stunning amaryllis from my mom-in-law's garden.
so red.
so lovely.
last but not least, strawberry season.
oh strawberries,
how i adore you.
i could eat you all the day long.
(my mom made TWO strawberry pies for mother's day that just ruined me:
a strawberry rhubarb and a fresh strawberry.
i will never be as good of a baker as my mom.)

how about you?
any small but beautiful moments in your life lately?

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  1. I love getting caught up on the wonderful moments in your days - can I tell you how excited I am for you?!!! All this sweet anticipation is awesome...Miss you!


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