Friday, May 7, 2010

a small small note

to our little one in the womb,

soon you will be joining us out here in the world. we can't wait to meet you, and to discover who you are - not just whether you are a boy or girl (although i admit i am curious), but what your personality is like and how you will mark your place in our little family.

itty bitty baking baby, i love you already.

i have to confess that there are moments when i ask myself-and i ask your daddy- whether it is possible to love another child as much as we love your big sister.

and then i remember that before she was out in this world, before she marked herself on our hearts and before she made our family more complete, that i had the same fears about her. i wondered how things would work- if i could love a child the way other mothers loved their children; if i would know how to be a mom; if i would love a little person the way i love other people in my life.

and then your sister was born, and it all fell into place. now i can't imagine life without her. soon, i won't be able to remember what life was like before you were born - i know it. it's sort of like the fact that i can't imagine my own family without all three of my younger, unique siblings.

here are some things that you should know:
  • i kind of like to snuggle. so get ready to spend some time being warm and cozy in my arms.
  • we aren't very organized this time around. you may see a lot of boxes and randomness when you first come home - but i promise that soon we will be all moved in and life will ease back into less crazy. (at least that is what i'm telling myself)
  • your sister is obsessed with babies, but she might not always be nice when you first come home. she is used to having us all to herself, and she may not like having to share her mommy and daddy. don't worry-she'll fall in love with you soon enough.
  • i kind of love baby legwarmers, so whether you are a boy or a girl, you'll be rocking them. you have plenty of time to make your own fashion decisions in life.
  • you have a whole big family of grandparents and aunts and uncles and a cousin as well as another contingency of just-like-family-but-not-blood-related who can't wait to meet you, love you, and watch you grow up.
  • i can't lie. i don't love the labor and delivery part - it hurts so much that i want to die. but it's worth it.
  • it's ok if you want to stay in there a little longer. the longer you bake, the fewer boxes in the house. it's up to you, little one.
  • you will make our family even more complete.
{we love you.}

your mommy


  1. How exciting for you! We (your readers) will all be excitedly waiting to hear about the little one's arrival!

  2. this sweet baby is going to be so beautifully enveloped into its family's loving arms! what a lucky baby. i am seriously soooo excited to see when he or she makes his or her grand entrance to the world! (eek!)

  3. That was beautiful! I can't wait to see her/him as well and read all about how big sister is. She's going to mommying right beside you! I remember being so scared after having my oldest for four years to himself, then having my little girl. How could I possibly love someone as much as I loved Ryan? It's amazing how natural the love flows and even more amazing how much love our heart can hold!

  4. as a mother of a boy, i have to tell u...the legwarmers dont work


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