Wednesday, May 19, 2010

getting ready

don't get all excited now.
still no baby.

a. have you noticed i am trying to blog more? i kind of got out of the habit with house buying and incubating a baby and packing and unpacking and, well, my favorite blogs are ones that are updated a lot, so i'm back at it. :)

b. as i mentioned before....last time i had a newborn, and i nursed like 18 hours a day, i watched gilmore girls, arrested development & assorted other tv shows. we don't have a tv, so i watch everything online or on dvds. so.

friends, help me out. i'm trying to get ready for the many hours i will be sitting every day for months. any suggestions for good (slightly mindless) tv or even movies?

so far this season i am into:

1. parenthood. (love love love.)
2. modern family (so funny)
3. glee (except for the overly musical ones-come on people, less solos, more storyline)

and my standby's- greys anatomy, the office, project runway type shows

(note: see the trend? mindless, i can multi-task while watching shows)



  1. Your top 3 are my top 3 :-). I am loving 9 By Design on Bravo. We love 30 Rock. House Hunters International on HGTV and old Frasier and Cosby Show reruns are some of my favorite mindless shows.

  2. So, even though I've been dumped from your favorite blogs list for Failure To Consistently (Or Even Monthly) Update, I'd still like to put in my two cents for mindless nursing time wasters. I always cozy up with my laptop, my favorite nursing baby, and blogstalk away (as I am doing now...TMI?). (cooking, humor, photography, kids, etc.) (AMAZING and easy carpentry projects that knock off Pottery Barn, West Elm, RH, etc. I had no carpentry experience and used her plans to build Landry a picnic table! You'll find great projects for the new house at a FRACTION of buying them even off CL) (Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts) (The Crafty Crow)

    Worried that I'm going to get cut off...

  3. I'm back.

    I have others...let me know when you've exhausted these! :) They'll all make you feel like a failure as a mother, wife, blogger, etc. but have some great ideas to keep handy, so it's worth the blow to the self confidence! :)

  4. Ha, I am loving your top three as well (though Glee is slipping in my book). I am with Hannah about 30 Rock! Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey have perfect chemistry. Okay, and I know this is so left field for you, but Friday Night Lights is surprisingly entertaining and intriguing.

  5. We just finished watching the complete series of Battlestar Galactica. I'm not a sci-fi fan, but I have to say, I LOVED this show and I think you would too. I am still grieving that we finished it!

    When I was nursing Sophie I watched an old BBC series with Judi Dench that was adorable, "As Time Goes By." I think I found it at the library.

    And yes, if you haven't watched 30 Rock, start from the beginning and watch the whole series. It's fantastic.

  6. two words: Gossip Girl. Your life will never be the same. I can't wait to have a baby in 4-5 years so that I can catch up on all the seasons.

    Also, EVERWOOD!! If you never saw this WB series a few years back, now is the time. Netflix and/or your library.

  7. It's funny because I also watched "Gilmore Girls" during my endless hours of nursing Isaac, and we are really enjoying "Parenthood" so far.....I second "Everwood"! I had completely forgot about that show. "Freaks and Geeks" is a funny one from years back. On the same lines as "Gossip Girl"- "The O.C.", very mindless, trashy and fun. "Veronica Mars", "Big Love" and a major blast from the 80's past, "Thirty Something", I just discovered it and find it to be quite endearing and timeless (besides the fashion:). We are also watching "Parks and Rec", a little like "The Office".....

  8. Community. Missliss and I love it.

  9. um. two words:

    vampire diaries.

    do it. seri. not cheesy - i swear. really, really good!!! if you hate it, i'll give you $100.


  10. I know it's nearly impossible to nurse and READ at the same time,but if you are looking for something completely mindless but so fun to've got to try the Twilight series. don't judge. you'll love them! I just finished the second book and I'm planning to read all four. (plus, when you finish a book, you can watch the DVD).

  11. I don't have an excuse for wasting my life watching shows, but I do anyway :) My favorites are True Blood, Fringe, Lost, Heroes, America's Next Top Model and Sex and the City. Obviously Friends, Scrubs, Family Guy are hilarious, and light relief if the other shows get too stressful. But seriously, Fringe and True Blood. So so good.


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